The cabin building tip of the day is…
Two ladders are better than one. Nothing wastes time quite like moving a twenty-foot extension ladder all over God’s your creation.

20' Extension Ladder, perfect for a 1.5 story cabin

20' extension ladder, perfect for a 1.5 story cabin

I haven’t taken the time to build stairs into the cabin for two reasons. First, I don’t have a door or windows, so why make it any easier for a bear to just stroll on in. Second, everything else to include the floor, walls and roof is a priority; stairs are not. That said, no matter how many times I think I have everything I need, and thus hoist the ladder up into the cabin and begin to work, I am sometimes forced to go back down to the ground. In the past I’d climb, but having boarded up my doorway, again, to hinder further bear intrusions, I now have to use the ladder.

Today, as I started to heave a heavy post into place that will support my roof ridge beam, I realized some branches from a nearby birch where going to hang me up. I had to go back down to ground level for my clippers.

Again, two ladders are better than one.

Note: The aluminum, twenty-foot extension ladder is not only light and easy to haul to your remote location, it’s also the perfect, versatile ladder for use on a single story or 1.5 story cabin.