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The Neighbors are Awesome! (Trip 10)

Posted by Justin in Each Trip, Full Account

Breakfast at the Berg Hunting Camp with my new neighbors

This had to be the most eventful trip to the property I’ve had to date. I arrived to the parking lot late on September 17 after picking up lumber from Spenard Builder Supply, unloading and loading at my boss’s brother’s place in Trapper Creek, loading up ATV and getting fuel. Then, as usual, I had […]


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Staged for Construction (Trip 6)

Posted by Justin in Each Trip, Full Account, Site Prep & Surveying


It was finally spring, and I had work on my mind. No, not magazine work and writing, nor web design or anything I do to make a buck; I’m talking about construction. I was itching for that first strike of my new hammer to a nail, feeling my saw rip through some lumber and watching […]


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