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Thanks for tearing up my stuff!

Posted by Justin in Wildlife Encounters

Bears will enjoy thrashing ANYTHING left unsecured.

Having seen the mess the night before, I woke on August 9 and headed over to where I had staged lumber and other supplies earlier in spring. In my absence, a bear or bears decided to have a little fun with my supplies. A role of felt paper was shredded many layers through, and screws [...]

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Cabin No Longer a Cave

Posted by Justin in Supplies & Tools

I’ve got windows! What a good feeling. Last night I received a text from my boss, John, which instructed me on the whereabouts of a “goldmine” of free windows. I quickly jumped in the car and went prospecting. the location was a window shop that puts their customers old windows out at the street weekly [...]

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Portable Power = More Accomplished

Posted by Justin in Supplies & Tools

Power tools can really improve the progress of your cabin project. Unfortunately, in the backcountry they also provide some logistical issues. Standard power tools that require a power outlet will need to be accompanied by a generator. That also means fuel. Now you’ve increased your expenses, your loads to the property, and have to listen [...]

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How I came to own a “lot” of Trapper Creek Glen

Posted by Justin in Purchasing Land

In late February of 2008, it hadn’t been more than a couple of weeks since I first planted my feet in Alaska and called it home. I had driven up from Michigan with a loaded down car and had taken up residence in the Anchorage International Hostel while looking and waiting for permanent work. My [...]

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