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If a bear chases a moose in the woods, does it make a sound?

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In the late afternoon, after doing a bit of web design and then building for most the day, I went for a walk. It was sunny and warm as I made my way to a nearby pond in the middle of a meadow to get cleaned up. I was already without shirt, and I left […]


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Best Photos Slideshow

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All the Way (Trip 1)

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Small black bear track

On May 26, 2008, Paul Hedtky was back in Anchorage and looking for another ride up to Fairbanks. I didn’t have enough available time to take him all the way there, but did take him as far as the Talkeetna junction where he would then hitch the remainder of the way. My free time was […]


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Discovering My Sixth Sense

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Bull Moose in Spring, 2008

When it comes to wildlife and the outdoors, there have been a few times I experienced… a strange knowledge or ability to predict animal sightings. There was the time I consistently predicted, with amazing accuracy with regard to species, size and the circumstances of the catch, each fish that was caught during a day of […]


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