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OD Green ATV utility trailer

Posted by Justin in Supplies & Tools

DLOR-46 ATV Utility Trailer

I simply can’t keep borrowing utility trailers (thanks Mike Berg and Gary ?) or renting them. They aren’t always available which holds up progress, and I’m risking breaking other people’s equipment. As for the rental, that money is better spent on the cabin itself. During the course of a couple of weeks — an hour […]


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My Official Start of Summer – June 18-21, 2010 (Trip 17)

Posted by Justin in Each Trip, Full Account, Video Posts

For months I’ve been talking about spending the summer at the cabin so that I could push the building process along at a much faster rate. And here I am, updating my website from the comfort of my four walls with no roof. How am I updating my site you might ask. Well, a summer-long […]


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Best Photos Slideshow

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Charles in Charge (Trip 11)

Posted by Justin in Each Trip, Full Account, Supplies & Tools

Chuck and friends loading up the lumber

I had the good fortune of having help to haul lumber out to the cabin in the fall. Charles Wood insisted he could grab a couple of pals, load up their vehicles and make a quick, easy run out to the cabin with building materials. Charles had a six wheeler, and the other two had […]


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The Neighbors are Awesome! (Trip 10)

Posted by Justin in Each Trip, Full Account

Breakfast at the Berg Hunting Camp with my new neighbors

This had to be the most eventful trip to the property I’ve had to date. I arrived to the parking lot late on September 17 after picking up lumber from Spenard Builder Supply, unloading and loading at my boss’s brother’s place in Trapper Creek, loading up ATV and getting fuel. Then, as usual, I had […]


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Exploring ATV Access & Making Camp (Trip 2)

Posted by Justin in Each Trip, Full Account, Site Prep & Surveying

A Polaris 700 Sportsman loaded for an ATV trip to the property and a camp clearing expedition

With an truck, trailer and ATV on loan from my boss, I proceeded to the Trapper Creek Glenn parking lot, unloaded, packed the rig and headed off for the second ever visit to the property, and the first via a capable vehicle loaded with gear for beginning my molding of the to my liking. Since […]


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