My Official Start of Summer – June 18-21, 2010 (Trip 17)

For months I’ve been talking about spending the summer at the cabin so that I could push the building process along at a much faster rate. And here I am, updating my website from the comfort of my four walls with no roof. How am I updating my site you might ask. Well, a summer-long […]

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Memorial Weekend, 2010 (Trip 16)

The cabin as I left it on Memorial Day. Notice the tall window that is now framed and cut out.

What a great weekend at the cabin! The weather was warm and sunny, and the terrain was a bit dry, which made for easy travel. Also, being springtime, when I did come to tough areas I was able to easily spot alternate routes through the low vegetation. It’s amazing how different things look without all […]

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Knee High in Spring Thaw (Trip 15)

Dee crossing a second branch of the ice cold Trapper Creek

Dee and I planned to hike out to the property on May 1, 2010. It would allow for one last excursion together before she left for the summer, and serve to get moving on my upstairs walls. We weren’t sure what to expect, whether or not there would be much snow, whether or not we […]

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Protected: SJ Senior Photos

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Race Against the Sun (Trip 14)

The bottle opener from Belize works great!

On March 27-28 I was on a mission. First, the snow was melting fast under the growing daylight hours and warmth, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to return to the property until spring unless I hiked in. Second, I couldn’t stand the thought of that wall that had been pushed out by the […]

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Sunny Dee (Trip 13)


The day after Scott and I hauled windows out, it was another beautifully sunny day. I still had George’s old snowmachine, and knew quite well that a trip out to the cabin would be a breeze. I was also interested to show Dee how fast we could get out there in the winter, and thought […]

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Winter Weekend with Scott & Dee (Trip 12)

Scott packed down the snow around the cabin with his rented snowmachine in order to pull the windows up closer.

With snow still heavy on the ground, I made a trip out to the property on Saturday, March 20 with my girlfriend’s neighbor, Scott. He was eager to assist in hauling out windows and interested to see how things were taking shape at the cabin. Of course, I hadn’t been out since the previous October, […]

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Best Photos Slideshow

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Charles in Charge (Trip 11)

Chuck and friends loading up the lumber

I had the good fortune of having help to haul lumber out to the cabin in the fall. Charles Wood insisted he could grab a couple of pals, load up their vehicles and make a quick, easy run out to the cabin with building materials. Charles had a six wheeler, and the other two had […]

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Dimensional Lumber, Cost vs. Quality

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be picking up more lumber from Spenard Builder Supply in Big Lake. I’m reminded that while building the cabin the last few trips, I’ve been eager to give some good advice about dimensional lumber. My first purchase of lumber was cheap, leftover stock from a lumber yard that Spenard Builder Supply bought […]

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