I’ve got windows! What a good feeling. Last night I received a text from my boss, John, which instructed me on the whereabouts of a “goldmine” of free windows. I quickly jumped in the car and went prospecting. the location was a window shop that puts their customers old windows out at the street weekly with the hopes that someone will take them, saving the shop a run to the dump. Once I determined that the booty was good for the taking (that didn’t come out right), I made a run to the Alaska Coast Magazine office to steal the work van. Once back at the windows, I took my time maneuvering each into the van without breaking any of the glass. A few were very large and cumbersome, but I managed. Afterward the windows were taken to John’s house for temporary storage. Luckily he was there to help me unload.

Included in the load was:

  • 2 – 24″ wide x 8.5′ tall windows (Really cool and I have just the perfect place for them.)
  • 1 – 58″ x 55″
  • 1 – 58″ x 67″
  • 1 – 24″ x 58.5″ (Would do nicely on the outhouse.)
  • 1 – 58″ x 38.5″
  • 1 – 41″ x 78″

Each of these are dual pane and most crank open. The frames are in good shape, especially for cabin windows that I’ll probably replace later. For now they’ll do nicely.

These account for nearly half the windows I needed.