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Race Against the Sun (Trip 14)

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The bottle opener from Belize works great!

On March 27-28 I was on a mission. First, the snow was melting fast under the growing daylight hours and warmth, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to return to the property until spring unless I hiked in. Second, I couldn’t stand the thought of that wall that had been pushed out by the […]


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Sunny Dee (Trip 13)

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The day after Scott and I hauled windows out, it was another beautifully sunny day. I still had George’s old snowmachine, and knew quite well that a trip out to the cabin would be a breeze. I was also interested to show Dee how fast we could get out there in the winter, and thought […]


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Winter Weekend with Scott & Dee (Trip 12)

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Scott packed down the snow around the cabin with his rented snowmachine in order to pull the windows up closer.

With snow still heavy on the ground, I made a trip out to the property on Saturday, March 20 with my girlfriend’s neighbor, Scott. He was eager to assist in hauling out windows and interested to see how things were taking shape at the cabin. Of course, I hadn’t been out since the previous October, […]


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